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Momotaro Koi Farm Auction 2019

Published: Fri, 8 Mar 2019 11:03:23

By: Anthony Quintero

Momotaro is holding it's fourth koi auction March 5th 2019. They have a beautiful selection of guaranteed female 2 year old koi as well as some tosai up for grabs. Did I mention the famous MAKO bloodline once again makes its appearance for the majority of the kohaku?
Momotaro Koi Farm Auction 2019





Second opportunities rarely come knocking.....however.....you guessed it KNOCK KNOCK!

Momotaro Koi Farm Auction 2019

I would be honored in helping you bid and acquire any of the koi being offered for sale. The only way to win is to bid;) All bids to Koi Enterprise must be entered by March 3rd 2019 3:00pm PST. Please call the shop for more details


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